No One Lives Forever 2 major mouse issues

unplayable due to mouse issues

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raphael75 Samedi 6 Aoüt 2022 à 8:12

I am very new to POL, wine, and Linux. I have Ubuntu 22.04. I installed No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In HARM's Way using POL. Everything was working great until I got into the beginning of the first mission just after Cate is speaking with her contact. I tried many different setting combinations of mouse sensitivity, mouse smoothing, invert Y axis on/off, weapon bob sensitivity, etc. but nothing worked. The mouse is so jerky and unresponsive in-game I could not control it at all. For some reason, the menus had no issues at all.

I also tried several WINE versions: 7.11, 7.9, 4.0.4, and 2.16. For some reason 7.11 and 7.9 froze during the cinematic when Cate is speaking with her contact just before or after the bridge with the waterfall.

I had the mouse issues with 4.0.4 and 2.16. Is there some setting I need to use?

I was able to install and play through No One Lives Forever 1 with no mouse issues at all while playing. If I tabbed out and tabbed back in the mouse would go fully looking up or down and I couldn't do anything but restart the game.

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raphael75 Samedi 6 Aoüt 2022 à 20:59

I fixed it by disabling the Hardware Cursor in the settings. Nice smooth mouse movement now!