unable to access internet through wine programs

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rebeltaz Mercredi 29 Mars 2023 à 7:35

OK... technically this probably is not a PlayOnLinux issue, but maybe someone here can help. I've tried everywhere else!

Ever since "upgrading" to Ubuntu 22.04, I can no longer access the internet through any windows programs. I have tried through wine directly. I have tried through windows xp installed under virtuabox. I finally tried through PlayOnLinux.

No windows program, regardless of how it's installed, can access the internet. Has this ever come up here and has anyone ever come up with a solution? I hope, I hope....

DrM1173 Jeudi 30 Mars 2023 à 13:29

What a strange problem, you can ask your question also on Could it be that Ubuntu 22.04 doesn't allow any Windows programs accessing the internet by default?