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Silver Gamer Samedi 16 Décembre 2023 à 10:05
Silver GamerAnonymous


my Linux distribution is still stuck at Wine 6.0.x, and I need to install Wine 8 for a game I'd like to play. If this recent version of Wine to be expected soon for downloading and installing with the help of Playonlinux, or will I have to try installing it manually? WineHQ offers some installation instructions, but I did not manage to install the desired version following those instructions.



GuerreroAzul Samedi 16 Décembre 2023 à 17:25

There is a version of Wine 8, only you will have to manually install the instance in .PlayOnLinux/wine/linux-x86/

This is the link to the version.

I hope the help has been helpful to you.



The wine 8 versions have already been released.


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Silver Gamer Dimanche 24 Décembre 2023 à 13:23
Silver GamerAnonymous

Yes, the 32 bit version are available for download within POL. The 64 bit versions are still being processed.


Meanwhile I managed to install Wine 8.0.2 from the WineHQ, adding their repository to my system. (32 bit and 64 bit version.)

Now Wine 8.0.2 is installed on my system, but POL does not reocgnize the 64 bit version as "system", when I create or change a virtual drive. The 32 bit version is choosable as "system" for a virtual drive, but when I need to create or modifiy a 64 bit virtual drive, I can only choose between those Wine version that have been downloaded within POL.


Is there any paramater in POL that I need to set so it recognizes the newly installed system version?


GuerreroAzul Mardi 12 Mars 2024 à 21:55

You can try with:


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