Trouble with nvidia gtx 1050ti graphic card and Playonlinux.

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carlov67 Mardi 30 Avril 2024 à 17:39

Hello everyone,
I recently installed an Nvidia GTX 1050 ti external graphics card on my PC based on Windows 10 and, in dual boot, Lubuntu 18.04. In lubuntu I installed Playonlinux in version 4.3.2 on wine 3.0. While previously, using my integrated Intel HD 630 graphics card, the graphics performance of Playonlinux was excellent and on par with Windows 10 with proprietary graphics driver, now with the Nvidia card I have problems. Basically I think Playonlinux ignores it and runs windows programs with generic graphics drivers since the performance is so poor. I'm not very expert in the Linux world and if I have to deal with heavily non-standard issues I can get into trouble. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thank you.

DrM1173 Lundi 27 Mai 2024 à 20:10

See "NVIDIA: how to install the latest video card drivers" about installing the right Nvidia drivers in Linux.

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