Call Of Duty 4 - Script ??

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IOmega666 Mardi 25 Novembre 2008 à 15:31

Well, you all know, that COD4, its a famous game, and with certain versions of wine, and withe that 3dmark patch or something, its possible to play it, for me it isnt, i got sound and all, but no image.

And whit Cedega its playable too, so i was wondereing, whit PlayOnLinux doenst have a COD4 script ????

just a suggestion, it'd be grate to have it.

marieuh Mardi 25 Novembre 2008 à 18:48


thanks for the suggestion, we'll make sure to work on it.
We love it when people come and ask for stuff without saying hello and all. you know that kind of pleasant things to say that make us want to consider your suggestion seriously.

If there is a problem, fill out complaint form and place it in an envelope addressed to the name of the hospital in which you were born....
Shea7993 Dimanche 13 September 2009 à 14:29

lol admin is right, be nice, afterall your getting a good service for free, so it would be best practice to kiss ass and suck up lol...

Btw Marie :) , modern warfare 2 is on the brink of release, it is a must play for all gamers... Could you guys PLEAAASE look at that and work on it as soon as it is released? im sure we will all apreciate it very much :) and and give you cookies, lots of cookies haha, anyway, thank you for a great product
cendre Mardi 15 September 2009 à 16:45

@Shea7993 : Can you be more polite please ?

There is already an unofficial script for cod4, you can find it on google without any problem I think.
I don't know why we didn't put it as official script, maybe because we need to patch wine ? But I remember Tinou (the main developper) said he will not integrate this script.
Berillions Mardi 15 September 2009 à 22:07

There is an official script for Call of Duty 4 in PlayOnLinux.. :)

dExIT Mardi 29 September 2009 à 14:30

well i have a question, does PUNKBUSTER work ? because i know that for Battlefield 2 PB isnt working..

a geek on X ^_^
cendre Samedi 3 Octobre 2009 à 17:16


Winehq page says puckbuster "may" work with a wine patch but I don't know if the script includes it.

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NSLW Samedi 3 Octobre 2009 à 22:03


Winehq page says puckbuster "may" work with a wine patch but I don't know if the script includes it.

Quote from cendre

Yes it says it may work and because of that i didn't included any patches.