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Half-Life 1 can\'t run?

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egetun Dimanche 30 Novembre 2008 à 20:28


When I try running to Half-Life 1 on Steam, I fall with this error.

For retry this error secondly, I deleted all PlayOnLinux files, downloaded Steam with script which is in PlayOnLinux list and downloaded orijinal Steam version Half-Life 1 (I mean, there isn't any warez or illegal files or ways) and pushed the Launch button.

Is there any way to can play Half-Life 1 on Steam.

Deniz Ege TUNÇAY |
Ante Lundi 1 Décembre 2008 à 19:33

This appears to happen when a Steam update isn't installed completely or correctly and is easily fixed.

Simply open up Steam, and click the 'Servers' button. Join a server from within the Steam menu system. This should allow it to complete the update process.

Maybe a corrupt installation file.
Try reinstall with a new installation file.

It works for me without any problem!

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