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goofee691 Mercredi 3 Décembre 2008 à 14:18

Im trying to install age of empires on ubuntu intrepid with PlayOnLinux 3.1.3 but when i try to install it says "Error: Unable to find the CD-ROM" it does this with both the cd in the drive and when all files are copied to a folder on the hard drive.

What could be causing this and how would I go about resolving it?

shadowed Jeudi 4 Décembre 2008 à 23:04

i have the same problem with archlinux on kernel 2.6.27 on gnome or xfce...playonlinux doesn't recognize the cdrom...i tryed to mount it, burn it, extract way...Unable to find the CD-ROM!

sorry for my bad english
thanks in advance

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Ante Vendredi 5 Décembre 2008 à 13:49

I hope this information will help you.

On Wine's Appd I got this information:
This game will now work without a no cd crack as of wine 0.9.52.

With 0.9.59 you need to use native imm32.dll to allow installer to work.

Installation works fine on 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 but I don't know if they use the native "imm32.dll" when they installed,
So you have to test and see if it is working!

You can read more here

What wine version are you using?


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shadowed Vendredi 5 Décembre 2008 à 15:13

if i run installer with wine it works...and i can run the game with the crack....the problem is the playonlinux script that doesn't recognize the it's impossible to INSTALL aoe2 in playonlinux selecting age of empires 2 from games list...

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goofee691 Lundi 15 Décembre 2008 à 2:40

i cannot comment on weather i can install the game or not because i have not bothered to try using wine but the issue is with the script in playonlinux not wine or the game itself.
Ante Lundi 15 Décembre 2008 à 21:04

You use autorun feature?

Know this, my friend - the evil that you move against is the dark lord of terror. -Deckard Cain
goofee691 Lundi 29 Décembre 2008 à 4:27

do you mean the autorun feature in ubuntu? it should not apply to windows executables from my understanding.

however the problem we are describing is that when select install within playonlinux and choose to install age of empires it tells you to insert the cd so that it can install the game. when you do this the install script seems to deny that a cd is ever their and that the cd is invalid.

the install script is unable to detect the game disc and is therefore unable to install the game.

thanks for any help/fix you can apply to playonlinux,
lucho115 Mardi 1 September 2009 à 19:12

I have the same problem with the conquerors expancion and not with the aoe2, nobody know how to sove this?
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