WoW install without CD

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LtGrimms Jeudi 26 Février 2009 à 7:57

Hello everyone this is my first post so thanks in advance.

I would like to install WoW (world of warcraft) without the CDs. I know this is possible on a windows PC by simply downloading the client off Blizzard and proceeding from there. If anyone knows how to do this with PoL please let me know. I am new to linux so please spell out any answers.

Thanks a for any help.
rachelbir27 Mardi 24 Novembre 2009 à 2:45


I would also like to learn how to do this -- I am also a new Ubuntu user and not literate.... yet :)
NSLW Mardi 24 Novembre 2009 à 11:40

POL hasn't got such installation script.