fallout 3?

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shangrily Mercredi 8 Avril 2009 à 5:03

someone should add fallout 3 to the list of supported games
all it needs is directx9 patch and a mouse patch
if you want i have the .dill files needed to patch them
NSLW Mercredi 8 Avril 2009 à 9:42

I think it's not possible, because these two patches have to be applied to Wine source so the script would have to download Wine source (always the newest), apply patches , compile (20 mins) and it would take too much time.
shangrily Samedi 11 Avril 2009 à 2:14

o sorry there diff files if that makes a difference lol pun :)
the patches it needs are directx 9 and a mouse patch
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