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Aloush Vendredi 17 Avril 2009 à 14:19

I have just installed steam and my friends list is only just viewable the font isnt very clear

How can i fix this?
This image shows what it looks like

NSLW Vendredi 17 Avril 2009 à 15:06

You can set Font Smoothing by installing tahoma font and adding to registry:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Control Panel\\Desktop]

If it's too hard for you then you can use unofficial POL Helper plugin which can be downloaded at the end of this forum site.

There you have to go to "Wine Tweak" then choose your steam launcher and set font smoothing to yes.
To install tahoma font go to "winetricks" then "To POL Launcher" then choose your steam launcher then run winetricks and then choose tahoma and hit ok.

The font won't be very clear because it's a Wine bug but with font smoothing it still looks better and clearer than without it.

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