Nostale Install Script (and Optimizations too if possible)

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GTOnitsuka Dimanche 24 Mai 2009 à 15:25

Hi all,

as title, i would like (if possible) to have an install script for Nostale on PlayOnLinux and also on PlayOnMac (i think they're the same). As optimizations i refer to the fact that if there some glitches that happen only in a particulat configuration on wine to remove them (and to configure wine in the best way after installing it).

Thank you very much for this, and i hope it will be made :)


Ghostofkendo Lundi 25 Mai 2009 à 14:43

Hi GTOnitsuka,

Indeed, we can make a same script compatible for POL and POM.
Once I'll have got the Perfect World script done, I'll try to do one for Nostale.

By the way, if you already know some optimizations for this game with Wine, you can list them here (thus I won't have to search for them and I'll be able to write the script faster).

GTOnitsuka Mercredi 27 Mai 2009 à 23:55


sincerly i do not know them and i'm asking you in a hope that it will become faster to install (even if i already did it) and easy to run (i got it to run but the player stuck into the game and do not move when i click into a monster or in any location of the area or map, while the command button like options and so on can be clicked, and another strange thing is that i can see the other player moving around the game, or just the area where i am).

Thanks for the effort, i hope it will be out soon :)

Thanks again.


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