Cannot locate CDROM

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archeryguru2000 Mercredi 3 Juin 2009 à 23:33

Hello all, I'm a little new to PlayOnLinux. I've installed CrayonPhysics (my daughter and I love that game), but I decided to venture a little further with my endeavors.

I tried installing (among others) AutoCAD 2008. My problem seems to be with locating my cdrom drive upon installation. PlayOnLinux asks for the location of my CD-ROM drive to install AutoCAD 2008 (among others), and when I give my '/media/cdrom0' location, I'm greeted with an error message (Unable to find cdrom!).

Is there a configuration step I've neglected that predetermines a valid location for my cd-rom? Or is there a simple step that I might have missed during my installation of PlayOnLinux? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

NSLW Jeudi 4 Juin 2009 à 7:56


It's not a big problem. It's only my own CD check. You should have got Setup.exe in root of your CD-ROM but you may have different AutoCAD version than i have so please give information about executables in root directory (you should care about small and big letters) of your AutoCAD first CDROM. I assure you it'll be fixed fast.

BTW. What language version of AutoCAD you're trying to install.