Cant ActiVate Office 2007

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DarkenSX Jeudi 9 Juillet 2009 à 22:40

All i get for an error is that there was a Communitcations error and to try again later when trying to activate office 2007. what do i do how do i activate it?
marieuh Jeudi 9 Juillet 2009 à 23:56


how about re-asking your question and this time saying "hello" or a similar greeting first and then asking politely what to do and how to do it.
The people from this team are all volunteers (that means unpaid, taking on their spare time to help others) and so the least you can do is show a little appreciation and respect for the work of others

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If there is a problem, fill out complaint form and place it in an envelope addressed to the name of the hospital in which you were born....
DarkenSX Vendredi 10 Juillet 2009 à 16:14

Hi Sorry About That I was in a hurry when i Wrote That I Didn't Mean For that To Come off as being Rude or anything I am Deeply Sorry if That was the way it sounded. Basically I Wanted To know Why I cant activate Office 2007. It installs Fine but When i launch it after install it asks for me to activate the software and when i select activate over internet it attempts to do so then says "a communications error has occurred. your request could not be processed at this time. please try again later." Now I have never had this issue when having installed office on wine itself it always activated without issue so i dont know whats wrong or what to do. Maybe someone has some idea what to do? EDIT: Also i found this out on ubuntu's forum :
"I had a copy of MS Office 2003 sitting around and just for kicks, I wanted to see if I could install it through Wine.
Everything works perfectly with Wine 0.9.40 (installation, running office). But one minor problem: How do I activate the product? Everytime I try it says it can't connect or something. So I though I would do it via telephone, but that solution doesn't seem to work either. Can anyone help me out?"
answer :
"This appears to be a a known wine bug.

I found this comment in the bug report. I'm just posting it here although I have no idea what it means. You will have a better luck in wine forum, I guess." - "I encountered the same issue when attempting to activate in Wine 0.9.49,
compiled from the tarball. The issue displayed in an identical manner to the
picture attached to this bug. I fixed the issue by overriding riched20 and
riched32 with the native setting. That change allowed the country select box to
appear. Once the country was selected, the activation boxes ungrey and the
activation may continue."
How do I install riched stuff into my office wine prefix and set it to native in Play on linux?

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NSLW Vendredi 10 Juillet 2009 à 17:37

I don't know how yours activation screen look like but mine look like in this image

I've got to enter in this entry an key and the product is activated. I also have got such window before installation, do you also have it?

I fixed the issue by overriding riched20

Quote from DarkenSX

this is already overridden in script (today i changed the script so it installs riched20 contrary to what is said about that on AppDB, this fixes problems with activation)

How do I install riched stuff into my office wine prefix and set it to native in Play on linux?

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This can be done with winetricks. For easy use of winetricks with PlayOnLinux please use unofficial plugin POL Helper
DarkenSX Samedi 11 Juillet 2009 à 15:02

Hi thx for the reply but that wasnt the window i was talking about there is a activation window after you install office and launch one of the office apps asking to activate by internet or by phone the window you mention about is to let you install the one im talking bout is after install and apon launch of office ill try to get a screen shot of it on my next reply :Edit:
The Screen:

the error:

Edit2 : Srry About The Size of the Image IDK how to Edit Photos to well yet in ubuntu

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DarkenSX Dimanche 26 Juillet 2009 à 17:09

Hi Again Forgot to mention some stuff still having the issue though.
My info:
Dist.: Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy LTS
Kernel: 2.6.24-xx " idk the last two numbers where xx is"
Wine Version: 1.1.25 but issue happens on any version through Pol
Config: Not sure or How to tell even i assume the Default config but not really sure
PC Specs: Not needed Doesnt apply but will provide if asked for.

Also it seems like office attemps to connect to the internet through wine but wine either blocks it or doesnt even try to relay the connection other apps that use internet work fine :incertain: just not office.°_°