winetricks error

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Danipenn Dimanche 12 Juillet 2009 à 22:39


I get a winetricks error when I try to install Blood Bowl. Any idea on how I can solve this problem? Let me know what info you need to troubleshoot this.

Thanks in advance.
Danipenn Lundi 13 Juillet 2009 à 7:34

Now it is stuck on "Installing dotnet20 ..."
Danipenn Lundi 13 Juillet 2009 à 12:04

I forgot to mention that it is the downloadable version of the game. I am at work now and I don't remember the names of the 4 installation files I burned in a DVD.
Danipenn Lundi 13 Juillet 2009 à 15:29

Solved, thanks anyway :)
Danipenn Lundi 13 Juillet 2009 à 15:31

Forgot to mention how: I just deleted the BloodBowl directory, restarted the PC, and then restarted the installation of the I have another problem (I opened another topic).
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