Myth War II

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The Minstrel Lundi 31 Aoüt 2009 à 6:24
The MinstrelAnonymous

Hi, I'm relatively new to Linux (using SimplyMepis) and I want to play Myth War II, but don't have the room to dual boot atm. Is there anyone who can make a script to run it?

I tried installing, and it went fine, and I downloaded core fonts and d3dx9 through the wine tricks script, and when I try to launch update.exe it works fine (I have to cancel out of the updater and restart it to get it to update but I have the same issue in Windows) but when I try main.exe it tells me to run update.exe no matter how many times I try updating.

I got it to work before on a previous install, but there is no cursor, and it runs slowly in windowed mode. It runs very fast in fullscreen mode, but crashes within a minute.

Any help would be greatly appreciated:)
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