Cant Access Menu because of a "window error"

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psidrum Lundi 16 Novembre 2009 à 7:02

When i start POL, i get this window with an error, but the window does not have a close button, and there is no way to close it,

the error in the window is

"XPM:Malfourmed colour definition at Line 2"

and if this error does not pop up, POL just closes itself and i have to restart it again.

How do i fix this?

and also How do i uninstall a program through terminal?

marieuh Lundi 16 Novembre 2009 à 9:20

you get all your answers and more, once you have followed proper protocol, stating that one must say hello when adressing people and also, eventually, thank them for the help they might be able to provide.

If there is a problem, fill out complaint form and place it in an envelope addressed to the name of the hospital in which you were born....