Problems with Age of Empires II - Fixed

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erothoff Dimanche 6 Décembre 2009 à 21:06

I am glad that there is an active project like yours. I got Internet Explorer 6.5 working well, which solves one of my windows dependencies. (I don't WANT to use IE, it is just that my work pages only print correctly under IE. I normally use Firefox.) My other dependencies is my games. (Which I really don't play to much anymore, but I want to have workings...)
I am trying to get Age of Empires II to run. Actually, I got it to work, but I want to let others know what issue I had.

Age of Empires II would not go through the full installation. (It never went to the official installation, just PlayOnLinux's installer) My CD Age of Empires II Gold Edition, has a different installer file, so PlayOnLinux's installer couldn't find it on the CD. (And it didn't give an error either.) I did an "Install Manually" and used the AOEII bottle to get it installed. (And my disk had directx 6.1 which it installed. I am not sure if that or Directx 9.0c would work better.)

I am now working on getting the expansion installed. (It installed but it looks like I can not play multiplayer.)

Play on!!!
NSLW Dimanche 6 Décembre 2009 à 22:39

To inform us about your installer file please insert your AOEII CD into CDROM and do in terminal.
After that post output here. If the same issue is with expansion pack then do the same and post here.

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