Wine with warhack_1.1.33.patch already implemented

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blodfjert Vendredi 1 Janvier 2010 à 12:44

Hi and happy new year!:D

Last few days I've been wanting to find and play a mmorpg.

I've tried several:
* Age of Conan (doesn't run past patcherwindow)
* Runes of Magic (with POL installer, pressing "Start game" from patcherwindow kills the launcher)
* PlaneShift (works, but very early and empty)
* Fiesta Online (a bit to "happy" for my taste)
* Warhammer Online (everything works, exept player models due to vertex shader-bug or something)

Well, as much as I'd love to get Runes of Magic to work (I cannot get past the Patcher/Start-Game window, probably due to a RoM-patch gone wrong), I'm currently trying to get Warhammer Online to work.
And I'm almost there, except for player models not showing. The problem is described at, and there's a patch for it called "warhack_1.1.33.patch", which is supposed to be patched into wine 1.1.33 before installing wine.
Patch can be downloaded from here:

Now, I'm not the most skilled linux user, so I was hoping you could help me:
1. Would you make prepatched version of wine 1.1.33 and make it installable via POL?
2. Could you advice me on how to make this install myself so that POL can use it?

Meanwhile I'm doing a straight forward sudo ./tools/wineinstall from the patched wine 1.1.33-folder, crossing my fingers that i don't mess up my POL. I'm climbing the in search of a game that can hold my attention longer than a split second. I'm hard to please.


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