Installing Fallout 3 fails

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ring0 Mercredi 20 Janvier 2010 à 22:42

Im running ubuntu 9.10 and i have the latest wine and playonlinux
wine version: wine-1.1.36
playonlinux version: 3.7.2

When going to install fallout 3 i select that from the list which brings up the fallout 3 installer menu that shows the install location and some info on the game. When i click the forward button
it brings me to a menu to select from "install game" or "adapt steam version". I select install game and hit forward. It then brings up a error message window saying "Error Unable to find the version : 1.1.36" and all it has is a next button that when i press brings me back to the main fallout 3 install window. Once back at this main fallout 3 window i cannot chose "install game" anymore...its grayed out.

Ive had fallout 3 installed before in playonlinux so i know it used to work...but now that it does not i have no idea what to try. Id really like to use playonlinux for my games as its a nice application and consolidates all my games into one nice place(kinda like steam does).
ring0 Samedi 23 Janvier 2010 à 22:04

i guess its back to normal least it will work :|
NSLW Dimanche 24 Janvier 2010 à 10:12

It's fixed now.
ring0 Lundi 25 Janvier 2010 à 23:37

Game installs fine now but the script that POL uses to start the game seems to be wrong..i had to edit the file
"~/.PlayOnLinux/configurations/installed/Fallout\\ 3" and change the line "cd "/home/USER/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Fallout3/drive_c/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3"" so that the cd command was all on 1 line....for some reason the default cd command was broken into 2 lines...which caused the game not to start....i changed both the fallout 3 scripts in that folder and now everything seems to be working how it should
NSLW Mardi 26 Janvier 2010 à 8:57

That's Wine 1.1.36 issue.