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Brelen Dimanche 31 Janvier 2010 à 8:58

Hi everyone,

I just joined the forums in hope of receiving a little help.

I'm having some troubles in guild wars, The porblem seems to be with wine. It also seems to be minor but sort of annoying.

Using wine 1.1.10, I cannot see the faces of any character. i tried switching to the latest wine listed on PoL, 1.1.37, the game simply wouldn't start. Then I tried 1.1.24 (i think) and got some bigger graphical glitches (triangle like lines going from a character and hiding half the zone, or the zone disapearring completely under some angles. etc.)

Now, my question is, does anyone know if one of the wine versions has no graphical bugs and if so tell me which one?

Thank you all in advance :)
NSLW Dimanche 31 Janvier 2010 à 9:50

As you can see here, it's been reported that Guild Wars works good in Wine 1.1.35. If you've got ATI graphic card then update your drivers to the latest version.
Brelen Dimanche 31 Janvier 2010 à 9:55

oh,ok thanks, and sorry for the useless question then :P