update for game perfect world .cup file?

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kicko Mercredi 3 Février 2010 à 12:29

game install works fine
i do not get what is the problem but .cup files do not autorun
it did work like that with just wine installed without playonlinux. before game opened and update started normaly
any idea how to run .cup file will be helpfull ?
im new to linux
i have ubuntu 9.10 playonlinux 3.6
save me from downloading few Gb updates.
kicko Jeudi 4 Février 2010 à 1:08

it took me like 8 h download with adsl 2mbps but I updated my game and play like I did before with .cup its a lot easier like 30min download 15 mins install well this is a good option to have any wine version run the game