Autocad 2008 install

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Kaar3l Dimanche 14 Février 2010 à 9:25

POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut "$PREFIX" "$PROGRAMFILES/$TYTUL" "acad.exe" "" "$TYTUL"
POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut "$PREFIX" "$PROGRAMFILES/Common Files/Autodesk Shared/plu26.exe" "acad.exe" "" "$TYTUL - Portable License Utility" "/l:enu"

Set_WineVersion_Assign "$CHOSENWINEVERSION" "$TYTUL"
Set_WineVersion_Assign "$CHOSENWINEVERSION" "$TYTUL - Portable License Utility"
POL_SetupWindow_make_icon_for_shortcut "$TYTUL - Portable License Utility" "a2de_plu26.0.png"
POL_SetupWindow_message "$TYTUL has been installed successfully" "$TYTUL"
The problem should be somewhere here. After autocad installion the Portable license utility doesn't work. It creates a bit buggy shortcut into .playonlinux/configurations/installed

The shortcut is like that:
cd "/home/kaarel/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/AutoCAD2008/drive_c/Program Files/Common Files/Autodesk Shared/PLU26.exe"
wine "acad.exe" $@

But it should be

cd "/home/kaarel/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/AutoCAD2008/drive_c/Program Files/Common Files/Autodesk Shared"
wine "PLU26.exe" $@
NSLW Mardi 16 Février 2010 à 21:25

Thanks for reporting that. It's fixed right now.