Titan Quest and Immortal Throne

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Ryong Dimanche 14 Mars 2010 à 12:16

Hey there I've started using Linux a while ago and I'm delighted with it.
It really is way better than windows however, I'm having some problems with gaming.

I wish to install Titan Quest and Immortal Throne but I still haven't figured how.
I've successfully installed it but when i start the game the screen gets black then it co closes the game.

My playonlinux version is 3.7.3
My wine version is 1.0.1

Can someone give me a hand?
Dr Phil Dimanche 14 Mars 2010 à 12:38
Dr Phil


Always when you are using games on Wine your first stop would be on the specific games AppDB-page.
Second, you should really use a newer version of Wine, my best hint is to use PlayOnLinux, that way you could have as many versions as you could possibly want.

If you haven't done that already, install PlayOnLinux and tell it to download Wine 1.1.21 as that seems to be the best version for that game. (I suppose you have version 1.30 of the game) Then follow this HowTo.
The game will probably work okay, but do not have to high expectations.

If you need more help after reading the HowTo, please write here again and we'll try to help you. :)

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Ryong Dimanche 14 Mars 2010 à 12:46

Thanks a lot I will see if this can solve my problem
Ryong Dimanche 14 Mars 2010 à 15:58

OK I've tried to but found new problems...

I don't know how to do anything in the how to tutorial xD
and what is the AppDB-page, couldn't find it
Dr Phil Dimanche 14 Mars 2010 à 17:39
Dr Phil

Hi again.

The AppDB-page is the page I linked you to, containing the HowTo.

1. Open PlayOnLinux.
2. Press "Tools"->"Manage Wine-version" and install 1.1.27 if not already installed. Close that window.
3. Press "Install", "Install a .pol package or an unsupported application", "Manual Installation", "New prefix" and choose Wine-version 1.1.27.
4. Locate your installation-file. (Probably on a CD)
5. Install as usual.
6. Yes, you would want a shortcut. Locate the right file and give it a proper name.
7. Right-click your shortcut in PlayOnLinux and choose "Registry Editor".
8. Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Direct3D->OffscreenRenderingMode and set it to fbo. (Guide about the registry)
9. Open your filebrowser and locate the folder ~/.PlayOnLinux/configurations/installed/
10. Open the script called what your shortcut for the game is called. (Probably Titan Quest)
11. On the last line add a space and a &. (Looking somthing like this: wine "Titan Quest" $@ &)
12. Add these lines after that script:
sleep 5
taskset -p 1 `pidof Titan\\ Quest.exe`

13. Save the script and close all windows except the PlayOnLinux-window.
14. Right-click the shortcut and select "Go to the applications directory".
15. A file-browser will open, now rename the "Videos" directory to whatever you like.
16. Start the game and try to find the best configuration with settings you can find. (May be high settings, may be low settings)
17. Save your game often, it will probably crash one in a while.

Good luck! :)