Counter Strike Source Freezes

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megaworld92 Samedi 20 Mars 2010 à 14:56

Hey everyone.My distribution is Pardus 2009 1.I want to play CS source with playonlinux and it launches through the play on linux window not via the shortcut and when i am playing everything is good i get around 60-70 fps on my ati radeon mobility hd 4650 but after a while game just freezes and i need to restart the computer.The longest time i could play was 16 minutes then it got frozen again.I tried to use wine 1.1.27 ,1.1.39 1.1.40 and i always had the same problem.Tried to run steam with windows 2000 and xp but didnt work too.Is there anyone else facing this problem any help will be wonderful.If i can play cs and steam games on linux i am planning to switch to linux completely.Thanks for your help :)
ilrobfromyou Samedi 24 Juillet 2010 à 18:58

Same thing happening to me running Ubuntu 10.04 with Wine 1.1.42. I can't even get 2 minutes into a game before my whole system freezes. The mouse still works and I can SysRq+Alt+B to restart but all other commands do nothing. Graphics Card is ATI Radeon HD 3200.