Battlefield 2 full video options works great !

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zedtux Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 0:17

Hi all,

I'm coming from the French team of PlayOnLinux (already contributed by the script FallOut II).

Today I'm playing BattleField 2 patched to version 1.41 without nocd (don't find one that work) installed with PlayOnLinux 3.7.3.
The game was working good, with a crappy mouse's cursor, and must set video parameters to lower to be able to play a full game.

I have first change the Wine version to 1.1.41, then the cursor was now perfect, and I could set video parameters to medium and play a game without problems, but I had a black sky very difficult to play...

Finaly I have switch to Wine 1.1.35, and then the game work completely !!
Full video options, big screen size [1600x1200], with 30 FPS.
The only problem still here is some black artefacts on the land.

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zedtux Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 0:21

Here are my screen shots :

zedtux Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 0:22

NSLW Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 8:46

Does the ground disappears after respawn? What graphic card have you?

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zedtux Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 9:25

No, no gfx problems ( only black artifacts ).

I have a nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX and I'm using Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04
NSLW Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 10:08

Thanks for the answer. I will check that by my self at weekend and if it's as you say then I will change default Wine version in script.
zedtux Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 18:38

Good news ! :)

There is something that I will check is the network game. ( requested from the french forum ).
So I will let you informed of the result ;)
zedtux Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 18:51

I've just try with wine 1.1.36, and It's impossible to start the game with full video options.
zedtux Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 21:01

Here are new screen shots with renderer.drawfps enabled !! :)

And here a printscreen with artefacts:

zedtux Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 21:26

I have try the online gaming. It work well, but the server where I was trying to play have too much people.. so you are alive, walk a while and then you die... so :)

Here are screens with drawfts:
zedtux Mercredi 31 Mars 2010 à 21:28

Ho and finally, one thing I discover, is that when you have all video options enabled, you will have the loading screen that switch from normal to green and back normal many times during loading like here :

zedtux Mercredi 7 Avril 2010 à 22:14

A very nice network party this evening and 3 printscreens :

Burn2 Samedi 10 Avril 2010 à 17:00

Did you succed to install the 1.5 patch??? if yes how do you do it???
zedtux Samedi 10 Avril 2010 à 19:13

Here again, some new screens as I am so happy about that game !

@Burn2: Nop, I wasn't able to install the patch... But since Ubuntu give me the new Wine, I have to try it again :)

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zedtux Samedi 10 Avril 2010 à 19:20

@Burn2: Yep it work with the last wine version !

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Burn2 Samedi 10 Avril 2010 à 19:39

Thanks! So the script should be updated to the last version of wine no???

It is wine 1.1.42 on my play on linux.
Is it the last version of wine?

(ps: i am french too :D)

EDIT: it is the last version on my repository so in fact it use the last version of wine so i will try to install the 1.5 if al is good for you on it. :)

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zedtux Samedi 10 Avril 2010 à 20:41

No !

The PlayOnLinux must use Wine 1.1.35 to run the game !
This is the only version where BF2 Work with full options !

It's only when you want to install the patch 1.5 that you need Wine 1.1.42. :)

Have good game ! :)
zedtux Dimanche 11 Avril 2010 à 1:22

Since I have installed the 1.5 patch ... I can't find a server that's not kick me...

And the servers where I was playing before are not listed.
zedtux Dimanche 11 Avril 2010 à 2:05

All server runing Bf2 1.5 have a Punkbuster version that kick me on ALL servers !

You must not install patch 1.5, only 1.41 !
Burn2 Dimanche 11 Avril 2010 à 9:16

In fact i do not play online so it's not a problem.

In my play on linux it is 1.1.42 that i use. The script use this version! And all works fine in fullscreen mode and with FSA!

Could you confirm that with this patch you could play on solo mode?

EDIT: if you look the script it is 1.1.42 in it...

EDIT2: the installation of the mod seems to work, i have tested the stargate mod, but i could not launch a map (erreur of wine on geometrie launch)

EDIT3: in fact it works! i am on the map

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