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marco_g Jeudi 20 Mai 2010 à 12:09

Here is a script to download and install Arctic Adventure 1-4. It is a DOS game which was made freeware a while ago.

edit: I accidently called the game Arctic Command instead of Arctic Adventure :sad:

# Date : (2010-05-23)
# Last revision : (2010-08-11)
# Distribution used to test : Ubuntu 10.04
# Author : Marco Gerards
# Licence : GPLv3
# Depend : dosbox, dosbox plugin

[ "$PLAYONLINUX" = "" ] && exit 0
source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"

TITLE="Arctic Adventure I, II, III and IV"
AUTHOR="Marco Gerards"


POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "Apogee Software" "" "$AUTHOR" "$PREFIX"
select_prefix "$PREFIXDIR"

cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c"
if [ ! -e ]; then
  POL_SetupWindow_download "Downloading $TITLE" "$TITLE" "" 

unzip ""

POL_SetupWindow_make_dos_shortcut "$PREFIX" "" "AA1.EXE" "" "Arctic Adventure I"
POL_SetupWindow_make_dos_shortcut "$PREFIX" "" "AA2.EXE" "" "Arctic Adventure II"
POL_SetupWindow_make_dos_shortcut "$PREFIX" "" "AA3.EXE" "" "Arctic Adventure III"
POL_SetupWindow_make_dos_shortcut "$PREFIX" "" "AA4.EXE" "" "Arctic Adventure IV"


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marco_g Dimanche 25 Juillet 2010 à 10:36

Do you have any comments on this script? When I send it in for validation it seems to be rejected.

This game was made freeware and can be downloaded for free. The script downloads the game
and installs it.

If you do not want this script in PlayOnLinux, can you please tell me?
NSLW Dimanche 1 Aoüt 2010 à 8:46

There is dosprefixcreate in this script and it shouldn't be there.
marco_g Mercredi 11 Aoüt 2010 à 21:48

Where can I find the documentation on dosbox support? I think I missed it somehow. I have updated the script in my first post.
marco_g Dimanche 15 Aoüt 2010 à 20:50

The script from my first post was sent in for validation, after fixing it as you suggested. However, I did not get any feedback. Instead, the script was simply deleted.

If you do not want a certain script, like this script or any other script I will submit in the future, can you please tell me? If I try to fix a script which will not be accepted I am wasting my time.