Making a PlayOnLinux install script compatible with PlayOnMac?

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joe21 Jeudi 27 Mai 2010 à 22:38

I have a install script which only contains POL script commands, with the exception of a call to wine and it references POL variables, will this be compatible with PlayOnMac?

Also should we only mark a install script as PlayOnMac compatible, if we have tested this script on a Mac?

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Quentin PÂRIS Vendredi 28 Mai 2010 à 22:38
Quentin PÂRIS

Yes ! On mac, you will ecounter several problems with 3D acceleration. You should test your script with POM to mark it as compatible.

Two main rules with PlayOnMac

Unix command are more stricts. You shouldn't use cp folder1 folder2 -r but cp -r folder1 folder2
You should not use $HOME/.PlayOnLinux but $REPERTOIRE (var that will be translated soon)