latest RC version of wine....

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jowy228 Dimanche 27 Juin 2010 à 19:31

i've been unable to start sims 3 after installing and one of the things i did to try and solve the problem was to upgradewine to the latest RC version as i saw that PlayonLinux supported various 1.2 RC versions.

Silly me, but after upgrading to 1.2-RC5 i found out that i can't select it in POL, it only goes up to RC4. So how long might it be till RC5 is available on the list?
i wan't to know if i'm better waiting or uninstalling-reinstalling wine... thank. =]
jowy228 Dimanche 27 Juin 2010 à 23:56

Update: It's now appeared so consider it solved.

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