Problem running Warcraft 3

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Dani Mardi 6 Juillet 2010 à 21:47

Hello, I'm a complete noob to PlayOnLinux and a intermediate-noob to linux

- Name of the Distribution: Kubuntu 10.04
- Name of the software and it's version: PlayOnLinux 3.7.3; Wine 1.2-rc3-W3
- Your desktop: KDE
- Errors from the software. And if possible, tell when or/and when it happens:
The game installs without problems (installs wine 1.2-rc3-W3 automatically). When I try to run it nothing happens, and in the KDE terminal this appears:

PlayOnLinux v3.7.3

Checking python : [ Ok ]
No internet access
Running Warcraft III : Reign Of Chaos
wine: failed to initialize: /home/mulx/wb/version/1.2-rc3/wineversion/1.2-rc3/usr/lib/wine/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
I don't have a "mulx" directory. The file does exists in my .PlayOnLinux folder.
Is there a way of redirecting the path properly?

I have a GeForce G 105M/PCI/SSE2

NSLW Mercredi 7 Juillet 2010 à 6:54

Please assign Wine 1.2-rc5 to Warcraft 3. Temporally patched Wine will be not available, that means won't be working.

BTW. Thanks for reporting that. The script is already fixed.
Dani Vendredi 9 Juillet 2010 à 21:21

Hello, and thank you for the promptly reply!
I upgraded PlayOnLinux to 3.7.6 and assigned Wine 1.2-rc5 to Warcraft 3. That solved the file problem, so I'm marking this as solved.
However I still can't get the game to run:

it seems like a problem that would also appear on windows, since my KDE terminal only shows
Checking python : [ Ok ]
Running Warcraft III : Reign Of Chaos

So i think maybe its a compatibility issue with my laptop?. I tried using the Advanced Wine Configuration pluggin to change the DirectDraw Renderer mode between opengl and gdi but the error persists.

Many thanks
(sorry if I should've created a new thread)
wer0ckz Vendredi 30 Juillet 2010 à 13:11

yeah i got the same problem man. please help us
wer0ckz Vendredi 30 Juillet 2010 à 13:11

yeah i got the same problem man. please help us
ise Lundi 10 Janvier 2011 à 10:27

I had this issue this weekend after I have installed Warcraft 3 the first time.
It helped to disable the intro movie with the second solution printed at the Warcraft 3 entry in the wine appdb:

If you don't want to play the campaign, but only want to start Warcraft III without a crash while playing the intro then you can simply mark the intro as seen:

1. Open regedit:
$ wine regedit
2. Navigate in regedit to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Blizzard/Warcraft III/
3. Create a key (folder) Misc in the Warcraft III key. You can do so by right clicking the key.
4. Create a DWORD value seenintromovie with the value 0x1


After add this to registry in the right wineprefix directory the game starts without any problems. Playing is fine, no problems so far.

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