Steam: Different prefix for each Steam game?

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nobodysbusiness Samedi 2 Octobre 2010 à 3:30

I have quite a few Steam games, and some of the tricks that are needed to get one Steam game working can cause problems for some of the other Steam games. As such, I'd like to follow the PlayOnLinux philosophy of having a different prefix for each program, but I'd like to take it a step further and have multiple prefixes with Steam installed, and one game downloaded into each Steam installation.

Is something like this possible in the PlayOnLinux GUI?
nobodysbusiness Lundi 4 Octobre 2010 à 4:44

I've been experimenting a bit, and I have a few things to report.

I've started looking at the possibility of modifying the Steam script to install to a different directory, so I can use the script once to install into the "Steam" prefix, and then modify it, so that when I run it again, it will install into a "Steam_2" prefix or something.

I've also downloaded a demo of Crossover Games, which seems to allow installing Steam multiple times into separate Bottles. I'll have to do some more experimentation to be sure.
nobodysbusiness Mardi 5 Octobre 2010 à 2:34

I've read a bit more about Crossover Games. They support the Wine project with a lot of the money that they receive for subscribers, and so I'm leaning towards subscribing to get their neat GUI. POL is nice, but I haven't figured out a way to make it do what I want after a few hours of research, so I think it's probably best for me to go with Crossover. I have more money than I do time, at the moment. I still plan on posting the results of my experiments here, though.
Necron99 Vendredi 8 Octobre 2010 à 19:16

I was running Steam + Wine and having good results - though was using latest dev releases instead of stable... and when 1.3.4 came out it killed most of my games... so I wanted to revert to 1.3.3 but found out this was not possible... without POL... POL was the answer for running Steam games (or any WINE app) for me simply because it allows Wine Version Control = AWESOME!!!

I simply imported steam from Wine and used 1.3.3 and using POL to launch Steam some of my games came back to life... but to get others working, and to answer your initial question = YES - install a different prefix / launcher for each game = some games will work fine on 1 version of Wine and not on others...

I am currently building a list of Steam games and what Wine versions they work on... search Google for "steam games on linux" and you'll prob find my site :)
xuedi Lundi 31 Janvier 2011 à 5:58

Hello nobodysbusiness,

Its not a proper gui way, but still very simple, i first installed steam, in my steam installation is downloaded counterstrike

Then i moved my .PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Steam folder into .PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Steam_CounterStrike

Do the same for the installed script: .PlayOnLinux/configurations/installed/Steam to .PlayOnLinux/configurations/installed_CounterStrike and then edit this file

Now you can install another steam with another game ;-)

Greeting from Beijing
FreshMeat Mercredi 30 Mars 2011 à 17:17

I haven't tried it yet, but you can try to make one steamapps directory for all your steam games and make a symbolic link to it in every "%WinePrefix%/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/' folder. Maybe this will work.
nymusicman Samedi 1 Juin 2013 à 1:31

I use q4wine to make wineprefixes. The negative to this method, and why I prefer POL, is that q4wine uses whatever version of wine you have installed instead of letting you use separate versions of wine per prefix. But if all you want to to bottle up Steam plus a game with certain settings and make a different Steam+Game bottle, q4wine has been great for that.
Ronin DUSETTE Samedi 1 Juin 2013 à 3:33

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