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fabioamd87 Mercredi 6 Octobre 2010 à 22:08

Hi, I'm new.
Thanks for the software, I've a suggest,
would be nice to see how many hours we spent on a game, for example like in steam.

I've opened a ticket for it:

let me know what you think about.

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Salvatos Jeudi 7 Octobre 2010 à 0:05

Not too high on my personal priority list, but could be an interesting little thing to look at someday :)

Disclaimer: I'm a noob, not a dev; my advice is only a guess.
Attention : Je suis aussi noob que vous, prenez mes suggestions avec un grain de sel ;)
fabioamd87 Jeudi 7 Octobre 2010 à 11:28

this is the method that run the game right?

def Run(self, event):
game_exec = self.list_game.GetItemText(self.list_game.GetSelection()).encode("utf-8")
if(game_exec != ""):
     print("Running "+game_exec)
     os.system("cd \\""+Variables.playonlinux_rep+"/configurations/installed/\\" && bash \\""+game_exec+"\\"&")

why is used "bash" command and not wine? wine command is in the game_exec string?
Aymeric P. Vendredi 8 Octobre 2010 à 22:53
Aymeric P.


game_exec is the name of the file present in ~/.POL/configurations/installled/.
It's a script file, that run wine after doing some thing (environment variables setting).

Former member.
fabioamd87 Mercredi 13 Octobre 2010 à 12:00

in whitch file should I put the minutes of each game?
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