Counter Strike install script

refuses username

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quintesse Lundi 25 Octobre 2010 à 21:52

I tried running the Counter Strike installer using a pre-installed Steam + CS on my Windows partition and it starts Steam and CS perfectly, but when I exit Steam (as the installer tells me to do) the installer asks me for my Steam username but it tells me it's incorrect. So I'm kind of stuck there because cancelling at that point doesn't add anything to the menu.

Trying to use the Steam install script and starting CS from Steam doesn't seem to work, the game never starts.
af2005 Lundi 24 Janvier 2011 à 20:57

have exactly the same problem. have you found any solution?
ise Mardi 25 Janvier 2011 à 9:24

I have installed Steam with the Steam script from PoL. After installation of it, I have installed Counterstrike 1.6 (not Counterstrike Source) through the Steam client with my CD-Key. Everything worked as it should. I have to start my CS installation through Steam, but that isn't a problem.

I use wine in windowed and virtual desktop mode, not fullscreen.