Ragnarok Online

Gameguard Error: 114

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victorkyochi Dimanche 23 Janvier 2011 à 19:21

I installed the ragnarok online game with the PlayOnLinux program.
For do this, I downloaded the game before and I used in the setup.
The game was installed with sucess.
And when I tryed play for the first time the updates happening normaly.

But when I try to play the game, the gameguard error 114 appears.

Whats happening?
Salvatos Dimanche 23 Janvier 2011 à 20:13

A quick search in Google says 114 is due to firewalls or an antivirus. Do you have anything like that running? If not, perhaps it's a router issue,

Disclaimer: I'm a noob, not a dev; my advice is only a guess.
Attention : Je suis aussi noob que vous, prenez mes suggestions avec un grain de sel ;)
victorkyochi Dimanche 23 Janvier 2011 à 20:31

My firewall is off and i don't have any antivirus installed.
I tryed turn off my router, wait 5 minutes and turn on again but not solved.