Strange Problem after installing MSOffice 2007

Cannot enter product key

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scmior Samedi 12 Mars 2011 à 15:27

Hi love the product however, and have been able to install some nice programs. Installed MSOffice 2007 yesterday. Whenever it gives me the option to enter the product key, the window pops up but the ability to enter the product key is not their. The window says to enter product key, however the text box does not allow me to enter a product key.

I've tried tabbing my way into the text box and about 100 clicks in different place and nothing works....

Has anyone else had the problem? If so how'd you fix it. I really need MSOffice on my UbuntuTop for school... please help °_°
sodium Mardi 15 Mars 2011 à 20:24

Hoikes ik heb net het zelfde probleem En tot nu toe nog geen oplossing gevonden
sodium Mardi 15 Mars 2011 à 20:49

I installed office 2007 and i have the same problem i' am not able to type the product key i cant typ in the text box for some reason