I can't run manual installation and install plugins!

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jeremi360 Lundi 21 Mars 2011 à 7:24

I have:
-Linux Mint 9(based on Ubuntu 10.04)
-PlayOnLinux version 3.8.12
-Wine 1.3.15
-Gnome( but I turn off gnome-panel and use AWN)
-Hp pavilion tx 2500ew
-runing POL by terminal don't give me any useful in information

Installation scripts are working good.
But when I choose a manual installation nothing is happening :@
I can't install plugins too :@
Help me !

P.S.: Sorry for may bad English

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Precision Mardi 22 Mars 2011 à 15:21

I'm a newbie here, ok!! But I'm using also a pol 3.8.12 and it's running for manual installations. Then I suggest run in terminal:


Then you can see manual installs problems output. After that choose manual install, prefix name without spaces, assign wine version and select the installer.

jeremi360 Samedi 26 Mars 2011 à 17:56

Terminal don't give me any useful information, but I just upgrade to Linux Mint 10(based on Ubuntu 10.10) and now PlayOnLinux work good !!!
Precision Lundi 28 Mars 2011 à 15:49

That's all. Do you know slackware? It' s the best. You should use it!

Good Luck!