no prefixes available

cant install applications - no prefix listed

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paulwratt Samedi 16 Avril 2011 à 6:08

I just installed PlayOnLinux for PCLinuxOS 2011, it is currently v3.8.8

I cant install anything. After choosing an app to install (DirectX end user runtimes), it prompts "hoose a prefix"..
.. there is nothing there

I have installed the latest Wine from my repo (1.3.17) before running POL for the 1st time. Then in Manage Wine I also installed 1.3.18

In the environment I have System + 1.3.18

I checked the ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/ and the is only ./wine/

How come no prefixes are listed ?

BTW, how come the about menu item does not work (wanted to check version)

Quentin PÂRIS Samedi 16 Avril 2011 à 12:44
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

You must install a program before installing directx