Portal 2 problem

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Buz Samedi 9 Juillet 2011 à 15:30

I instaled portal 2 . I started the game and i chose single player
I press the new game button and after thist in the loading screen game crashes.
What i need to do?
GNU_Raziel Dimanche 10 Juillet 2011 à 9:16

In order to make this game to work you need to disable Steam DRM because wine cannot handle it and cause the crash. Because of the European laws, we cannot help you with this.

If you're using an ATI/AMD card you must also disable wine GLSL (using Advanced Wine Configuration PoL's plugin).

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wapophis Samedi 27 Aoüt 2011 à 2:48

Using update 1 of Portal 2 i have the same issue, but activating glsl support it works :D
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