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Runes of Magic

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freaky-m0 Vendredi 26 Juin 2009 à 17:28

Version of PlayOnMac: 1.2.3
Version of Wine: 1.0
Mac OS Version: 10.5.7
Version of Game: Runes_of_Magic_Client_v2011821

Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4850
CPU: Intel Core2Duo 2.94 GHz

Installation works with no problems.

I created a shortcut via the wizard to the Runes of Magic.exe but that doesnt work. That means if i click to the "run button" nothing happens. So i start the debugger console an run the Runes of Magic.exe directly with the command: "wine Runes\\ of\\ Magic.exe". That works and the launcher comes up.

In the launcher i cannot enter any text into the fields for login and the others. Clicking on the buttons for the shop itens doesnt work too.
The configuration screen (started from the launcher) let me only select up to 1024x768 for the resolution. (i have a 24" 1920x1200 screen)

The patch stopped one time with this message:
err:module:attach_process_dlls "gdi32.dll" failed to initialize, aborting
err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"Z:\\\\Users\\\\m0\\\\Library\\\\PlayOnMac\\\\wineprefix\\\\RunesOfMagic\\\\drive_c\\\\Programme\\\\Runes of Magic\\\\ClientUpdate.exe" failed, status c0000005

For the rest of the update process it loops now for more then 10 times at 30% of the total progress. It downloads.. patchs.. restarts.. and again.. and again.
Here the debugger output: http://pastebin.com/m1a3ccef9

Playing the game was not tested because the update process doesnt finish.

I tried to get Runes of Magic run in the Wine Version 1.2.24 installed with MacPorts before trying it with PlayOnLinux. So the Installation with that was no problem. But if i try to run this game with the wine command it quits directly without any message. So why does it work with playonmac? Are there big differences between this two versions of wine? I don´t understand this. :( I ask this cause i dont like guis for wine very much. I just like to work with wine directly with a terminal. But dont missunderstand me you do a great work here!! :) Perhaps i will keep using PlayOnMac. ;)
freaky-m0 Vendredi 26 Juin 2009 à 17:35

Oh sorry guys forget about that update loop! I saw that the version number in the right top of the launcher grows after the restart! So perhaps that many loops at 30% total progress are normal.

I will add new comments when the update is finished and i can try the gameplay.
freaky-m0 Vendredi 26 Juin 2009 à 18:01

Patch is finished now!

I started the game but all what i see is a screen without a menue.

Here a screenshot:
Quentin PÂRIS Lundi 29 Juin 2009 à 23:22
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Impressive !

Is it possible to make a script ?
freaky-m0 Jeudi 2 Juillet 2009 à 9:54

Why should i write a script for a game that doesn´t work correctly?
super_g2 Dimanche 5 Juillet 2009 à 14:40

in order to improve your way to install it and perhaps to allow playing with it :)

PlayOn*, c'est top!
Zanrath Lundi 5 September 2011 à 23:26

there is a known issue with ROM and ati vidio cards on linux.
nathnem Samedi 22 Octobre 2011 à 2:07

run regedit and add the following to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Wine\\Direct3D (create if it doesnt exist)

Add New String
Name = Multisampling
Data = enabled

Add New String
Name = UseGLSL
Data = disabled

this should fix the no eula/login problem
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