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Two Worlds II

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Salvatos Mercredi 1 Décembre 2010 à 23:19

Wine version: 1.3.8
Distribution: Snow Leopard x64
Distribution version: 10.6.5
- Internet activation didn't work for me, so I had to activate it by phone.
- Disabling the physics engine and the shadows greatly improves the game's rendering speed.
- If all you get during cut scenes is a black screen, turn off the HD cut scenes.
- Patch 1.0.1 is also available for the game.

Have fun :sunglasses:
By GNU_Raziel

Disclaimer: I'm a noob, not a dev; my advice is only a guess.
Attention : Je suis aussi noob que vous, prenez mes suggestions avec un grain de sel ;)
GNU_Raziel Mercredi 15 Décembre 2010 à 17:05

A quick note to inform you this game will soon be deleted from POM repository since a native OSX version will be aviable this month.

Owners of the Royal edition have a voucher card with a redeem code for free mac version. When it will be available, you will have to enter your serial and this code here.
As soon as this version is available, POM will no longer support this game.

For more informations, please read game official forum.
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