problem with multiple-CD games.

prefix's config doesn't like me!

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MuffinMan Lundi 25 Juillet 2011 à 20:16


I'm using POL's Autorun feature and i'm trying to install Counter-Strike Anthology.
I had a problem mounting the second CD without ending the installation, but than I found out this is the way to do so:

a) copy each CD to a separate directory on your hard drive
b) after giving a name for the new prefix, choose Yes when "Do you want to configure your prefix before installing your application?" appears
c) switch to Drives tab
d) press Add... and then Browse...
e) point to your first CD directory
f) press Show Advanced
g) select CD-ROM in "Type:" combobox
h) press Apply
i) repeat steps d) e) f) g) h) for every CD


My problem is after i'm giving the new prefix a name, I don't get the "Do you want to configure your prefix before installing your application?". The installation starts immediately after that.

I am using Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat (10.10) with Gnome.
latest version of POL and wine-1.2.3, which i think is the latest version.

Quentin PÂRIS Mardi 26 Juillet 2011 à 10:52
Quentin PÂRIS

Are you using PlayOnLinux 4 beta or PlayOnLinux 3.8.12 ?
MuffinMan Mardi 26 Juillet 2011 à 12:17

its 3.8.12.
is that tutorial for 4 beta?
MuffinMan Jeudi 28 Juillet 2011 à 14:44

still haven't found the problem.
Quentin PÂRIS Jeudi 28 Juillet 2011 à 20:06
Quentin PÂRIS

Yep, try POL 4

(Read the latest news to know how to install it)