Making Call of Duty: Black Ops work on Ubuntu 11.04

(Solve the incomplete installation issue)

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coxtor Vendredi 19 Aoüt 2011 à 13:50

Hi Guys,
I think I am not the only one who had problems installing cod:bo on Ubuntu 11.04 I managed to get it running like this:

1. Created a new virtual drive with pol.
2. I used wine version 1.3.9 running windows 7
3. Installed steam manually, installing steam in the root ( c://steam/ )
4. Downloaded black ops.
5. Installed extra packages : dsound , vcrun2005 d3dx9 and directx9
6. Finished and working super.

I did this with pol 4.02

It would be great if others could test this and post to confirm that this method is working.

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coxtor Samedi 20 Aoüt 2011 à 13:10

Has anybody tried this out yet ?
Klaucke Lundi 22 Aoüt 2011 à 16:17

No m8. A while ago i tryed to get it working. But i wanted to install Cod in a different directory. In windows i have a "b" drive for linux, a "c" drive for windows and a "d" Drive for games.

I installed CoD in windows jet. And after that i installed Linux. So i thought that it somehow would be possible to launche CoD in linux.
coxtor Lundi 22 Aoüt 2011 à 16:43

Hi, what exactly isn't working with your setup ?