Does PlayOnLinux Delete your old installed games?

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cjlmack Lundi 29 Aoüt 2011 à 17:38

Hi, Just wondering if PlayOnLinux deletes your old games that you are re-installing?
I am re-installing Team Fortress 2, and I cannot (for the life of me) find the 10gbs that I downloaded earlier, I need to delete them so I have space to re-download TF2.

If it helps, I downloaded it originally through Wine and Steam, but I crash when I finish the intro :^^:
So, after installing PlayOnLinux, I need to re-download Tf2 through them.

I'm using Wubi in Windows 7.

Any help is appreciated :D
Quentin PÂRIS Lundi 29 Aoüt 2011 à 17:43
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

To delete a program, just click on "Configure" button, and delete the good virtual drive
cjlmack Lundi 29 Aoüt 2011 à 18:38

I found the problem; Wine had TF2 hidden inside of steam, Thanks for Looking though :D