Sketchup 8 isn't running through PlayOnLinux 4.0.12

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fester225 Samedi 24 September 2011 à 2:27

Ubuntu Lucid (10.4)
PlayOnLinux 4.0.12
Wine ???
Sketchup 8.0.4811

I have an existing Sketchup 8 install under Wine which died after the most recent upgrade (1.3.28).

I installed PlayOnLinux (4.0.12), then re-installed Sketchup 8. Sketchup 8 doesn't run and says it has 'encountered a serious problem'.

I have attempted to install Sketchup under Wine 1.3.19 (the machine's choice), and then again under Wine 1.3.3, the last version which worked. When I go to PlayOnLinux Configure Wine, it shows 1.3.28 (the version which crashed my last install). In the Wine Versions Manager, Installed Wine Versions is still blank.

What do I do to get Sketchup running again?

r4shyd Samedi 1 Octobre 2011 à 0:33

Uninstall Google Sketchup, and reinstall. worked for me :-)