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dkjedi Samedi 24 September 2011 à 20:11

hi, i'm trying to run creeper world 2, a game, with it's patch. I can get the game installed fine, it's a .exe file. My problem comes with the updates, they are in .air format and i'm not sure how to install them. I tried running the patch with th adobe air installer from the wineprefix and it gets most of the way then tells me the installion is corrupt and errors out. I know this is a very odd question but i hopping someone else has delt with .air patches. Thanks for your time.
reba Lundi 16 Décembre 2013 à 4:33

I am trying to run a program and I get a message stating that it is unable to validate that i have the latest version of Adobe Air! I have downloaded the latest version but playonmac doesn't seen to see that (even after restarting). Help please
booman Mardi 17 Décembre 2013 à 19:34

I have yet to find a game that requires Adobe Air.
I have heard League of Legends requires Adobe Air for chatting.
Not sure why Adobe Air is doing updates for Creeper World 2, but you can definitely install it with PlayOnLinux by clicking Configure, then click Install Packages tab
You will find Adobe Air on the list

I also recommend trying a newer version of Wine.
You can do this with Tools, Wine Versions installer

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