Command And Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars

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ryousuke Mardi 27 Novembre 2007 à 14:46

Wine version: git-cnc3
Distribution: Debian
Distribution version: SID (Unstable)
Grpahics card: Nvidia Geforce 7800GS (512 Mo version)
Graphics card driver: 100.14.9
- You must not use the custom install, let the default setup do it or it will fail (it doesn't detect language packs), the script will install in French in the end (problem for English users...).
- You must leave the Shader option to Low or the game won't work, the other options can be changed normally.
- LAN games should work thanks to the patch for Wine but online games won't work.
- Here's GNU_Raziel Wine git-cnc3 (to install before launching the script) :

cd $HOME/.PlayOnLinux/WineVersions/
tar jxfv /path/to/git-cnc3.tar.bz2

The script will detect your version and will launch the installation of the game.
However you must know that for an optimal result (talking about performances here) you should let the script compile the git for your system.

The game installer and the 1.09 patch have been updated and new languages (13 in total) are now supported.

Let me remind you that the installer is for the Kane Edition of the game. It might not work with the original version.

Here is what you should do to play on LAN:
1- Edit the /etc/hosts file
2- Comment the line localhost
3- Add the line: your_LAN_IP name_of_your_machine_on_linux above this line.
ex: tuxmachine

For those who'll want to play online (with a valid key obviously) here's what you should do:

1- Open the file
/home/your_user/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/CommandAndConquer3/drive_c/windows/profiles/your_user/Application Data/Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars/Profiles/your_user/Options.ini
2- Change the IP from the GameSpyIPAdress line to your own external IP (the one provided by your ISP)
3- Save the file as Read Only (otherwise the game will put back the default IP address)
4- There you go.

GNU_Raziel has had no cursor problem. It is visible and works alright but if it doesn't work for you please post here and he'll see what he can do.

There, enjoy your game now,

Thx GNU_Raziel for this test

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ryousuke Mercredi 12 Décembre 2007 à 14:41

GNU_Raziel tested the game again with POL 2.x. And the result is that the game works perfectly again !

The script gives you the choice to compile a git for cnc3 by yourself or to use the one created for POL

For those who want to play online (with a valid key of course), you must do this :
1 - Open the file
/home/votre_user/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/CommandAndConquer3/drive_c/windows/profiles/votre_user/Application\ Data/Command\ \&\ Conquer\ 3\ Tiberium\ Wars/Profiles/votre_user/Options.ini

2 - Change the IP address for "GameSpyIPAddress" by your external IP.
3 - Save the file and set it to "Read Only" (otherwise the game will restore the default IP address).
4 - Voila, it's done

NB : You must have IPX support in your kernel or it wont work correctly.
vevmesteren Vendredi 21 Décembre 2007 à 17:31

I have successfully installed the game, and can play the single player campaign. But why I actually installed this is because I want to play on a network with a friend of mine. But the lan does not seem to work. We cannot see each other. I did install the IPX thing (i think) on my Ubuntu Gutsy, and I have changed the 'GameSpyIPAddress = ' in the Options.ini. But when I check the network options the Ip address still shows The file is changed and set to write only but it does not seem to register within the game...any way I can fix this.

I have created a Hamachi network as well, hoping that might help. But it is all the same I am not able to change the IP Address in the network tab...the dropdown is just disabled. And the IP I typed is not showing it still says

How can I change this darn thing....

vevmesteren Vendredi 21 Décembre 2007 à 17:32

une reponse en fracais me convient aussi, c'est just que mon francais n'est pas assez riche pour decrire mon problem...

Ghostofkendo Vendredi 21 Décembre 2007 à 18:25

You should post your problem in the "Issue" subsection rather than here in the topic of the test.

About your problem, I can't help you (because I don't have C&C 3) but I suggest you to watch the french topic (as you yet did) and to send a private message to GNU_Raziel (the C&C 3 script's creator), he may help you I think.

Square Bottle Mercredi 26 Mars 2008 à 0:11
Square BottleAnonymous

You may want to change the install script so that when it gets to the part about the white box, it says something more like, "Go ahead and follow the instructions from the installation, clicking "Next" and making your selections as normal until a blank, white window pops up. When it does, then click next below (in this window) to continue with the installation."

The reason I say this is because it just says something like "Click next when the white box appears," which made me think that I should see the white box RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT, and since I didn't, I figured it wasn't an issue for my system, and I clicked next. And then later it made sense. I think other users may similarly make the same conclusion.

It's just a little thing though, and isn't actually an error or anything on your part, heh.

Update: Alright, so I've investigated a little bit more, and it turns out that I didn't need to start the install over after all. Apparently the white box can simply be closed normally like I did the first time, and your script is just being nice and closing it for us if we take advantage of it. Still, might be nice to have that notice.

This left me to wonder what the real reason for C&C3 not working for me was, since your script seems to work so nicely.

I headed over to the WineHQ Application Database entry for C&C3 and figured a few things out that got it to sort of work for me.

The error message that it gave me after about twenty seconds of staring at the loading screen read, "Please make sure you have DirectX 9.0 or higher installed. Also verify that your video card meets the minimum requirements, and that you do not have hardware acceleration disabled in the Display control panel." This was solved by me editing the Wine configuration so that it used an 800x600 virtual desktop. The WineDB page made it sound like I could do this temporarily just to get to the settings page to change the resolution to what I actually used, but after I did it and then turned off the virtual desktop, the error came back just like before. But hey, at least I know how to make it work, so I'm pleased with myself.

Unfortunately though, there was no cursor at all. Sure enough, this is also talked about on the WineDB page I linked to above, and it sounds like they've actually got a fix for it. However, the instructions they have to get the cursor to display are rather intimidating. Apparently there is a patch that needs to be installed and wine needs to be recompiled or something. It would be very, very cool if your script took care of this, or if there was another script that would install this patch to wine perhaps since it sounds like it isn't just an issue for C&C:3.

The next thing I'm going to try to do is run the script that installs the game update patch to C&C:3. I'm crossing my fingers that this will fix the remaining two issues I just explained, but since I'm betting the point of the script is just to install the game update, I won't hold my breath, heh.

Anyway, I hope that the issues I'm facing turn out to be isolated to just being me, but since it all seems to line up with the issues that are reported on the AppDB page, maybe it would be good to incorporate these fixes into the script that installs C&C:3.

Thank you very much for you hard work! It is appreciated!

Update 2: Looked more into the mouse issue while the game update patch script runs. Reading the comments, it seems like the new version of Wine did broke it a little. It looks like the previous version of Wine at least had it display the regular mouse without needing that Wine patch instead of not displaying no cursor at all. Just an observation that I thought you might find relevant.

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GNU_Raziel Mercredi 26 Mars 2008 à 9:25

Thx for the feedback

I've found patches for wine 0.9.58 to enable hardware cursor and lan play, i will make a whole new script sur cnc3 this WE if i have time (my "old" 160go hdd died monday, so i need to reinstall inux on a new one).

I will post a news if the new script is ready so keep an eye on the website
GNU_Raziel Samedi 5 Avril 2008 à 22:09

News script online, this version fix :
-The language installation bug is now corrected, the game's language is now selected automatically with your system language (the custom installation mode is still non funtionnal)
-This version use a patched 0.9.58 wine version that enable LAN play !!
-The game's version is now correctly detected.

Have Fun
aegistalons Samedi 19 Avril 2008 à 20:13

I'm new to PlayOnLinux. Looks like an amazing program. I want to install CNC3, but its having an issue.

When it gets to the part to download the patched version of Wine, I hit next. It then says "Click on download to start", which I do and it just sits there. I let sit for 20 minutes and sit nothing.

Any ideas?
Mikolaj.Q Mardi 23 September 2008 à 15:41

I use Kubuntu Hardy 64-bit. Script install the game successfully, but cursor is not visible. Is it architecture issue? Do you think it is possible to resolve?