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Willemoes Vendredi 21 Octobre 2011 à 18:31

Hi everybody, i've tryed to install NFSW with POL but i'm not getting any good results, i've reed on official wine page that i needed to add: "winetricks dotnet20 ie7 glsl-enable" i did it perfect, then i installed it and everything went fine, finally I updated the game perfectly and in the end when i pressed on "Play" i see a message that says:

"The program nfsw.exe has found a problem and must close. Sorry for the inconvinients"

Does anyone knows how can i fix it? what should i add to my virtual drive?

Thanks a lot guys!

POL V 4.0.12
wine V 1.3.28
Willemoes Samedi 22 Octobre 2011 à 15:14

I've solved it installing Wine 1.3.30 and in winetricks using the followings:
winetricks dotnet20 ie7 glsl-enable gdiplus corefonts d3dx9 vcrun2008 d3dcompiler_43 mono26

It works well.
May be the script could be done.