Another Witcher Problem...

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eternal_sage Mardi 10 Avril 2012 à 20:42

Ok, I'm back again, with another Witcher issue. I got everything to install finally (thanks again GNU_Raziel) but now i cannot seem to get the game to run. I applied the patch from the POL menu, btw. When I run the game, the splash screen comes up with the options to launch the game, launch the editor, register the game, etc. I click "Launch Game" and the splash sceen goes away but nothing else happens.
GNU_Raziel Mardi 10 Avril 2012 à 22:35


I will update/fix the PoL installer for this game as soon as possible, stay tuned :)


GNU_Raziel Mercredi 11 Avril 2012 à 19:32

Fixed :)

Wine may complain about Tage copy protection not working, just ignore it, Patch 1.5 officialy disable all DRM and copy protections.

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eternal_sage Vendredi 20 Avril 2012 à 4:30

ok, should I reinstall? or should it just work correctly now? Thanks for working on this!