Full Screen problems

With Age of Empires II

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kevin1534 Mercredi 11 Avril 2012 à 17:06

Hello everybody!
I have successfully installed Age of Empires II : The Age of Kings. Everything works wonderfully except I can't figure out how to play in full screen.
It's kinda necessary to play in full screen to be able to shift the screen location.

Inside the game, there isn't any full screen option, only different screen resolutions (which didn't go into full screen when I tried all of them).
So I tried changing the client size of Wine in the Graphics configuration to my screen resolution, but the games' internal screen resolution setting overrides Wine's.

I don't really know what else to try; possibly there could be some setting in X11 which you would have to change, I don't know.

Does someone know how to fix this?
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