diablo 3 resolution can't be set? take 2

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blm14 Mardi 22 Mai 2012 à 21:18

Hello there!

Apologies for the prior post. I will put more information this time. :)

PlayOnLinux V. 4.0.19, ubuntu 10.04LTS 64-bit. NVIDIA drivers 295.53. My card is an NVIDIA GTX 260, running on a dell poweredge 690 with dual quad-core Xeon X5355's. My physical RAM is 20GB.

I installed Diablo 3 via the provided script (install -> pick diablo 3 -> followed instructions). Diablo 3 starts up in windowed mode in resolution 1024x768. I would like to keep windowed mode but adjust the resolution to a higher one. When I go to option->video within the game, the resolution and display dropdowns are both grayed out and so I cannot adjust them. Is this expected behavior or is there some way to change that?

Thanks in advance!
diablo93 Samedi 26 Mai 2012 à 1:45

I had the same problem. To resolve it I closed all POL windows and edited the D3Prefs.txt file. Assuming you are playing in windowed mode set:

DisplayModeWinWidth "1440"
DisplayModeWinHeight "900"

to whatever you want your resolution to be. Then restart POL. It appears that POL reads this file on startup after you install the game, so if you don't close POL first and you only restart Diablo 3, it will revert to the default settings of 1024x728.

Hope this helps
blm14 Mardi 29 Mai 2012 à 16:58

Where is this D3Prefs.txt file located in the filesystem? Thanks!
diablo93 Vendredi 1 Juin 2012 à 1:18

On my distro it is under $HOME/Diablo III/D3Prefs.txt

I run fedora, I assume POL puts it in the same place across distros