Problem with game overlay Mint 13

I can not use it, but in mint 12 it worked

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RobyIndie Vendredi 25 Mai 2012 à 10:32

Hello guys, I'm in trouble with my TF2 install and with Game overlay. In my Mint 12 install it worked, but when I installed mint 13 (same version of POL) and restored the game with POL vault, it didn't work. It's enabled in steam settings and it is not removed with winecfg.
Here is the Gameoverlay log in the steam directory:
RobyIndie Dimanche 27 Mai 2012 à 14:26

UP! :/
RobyIndie Lundi 28 Mai 2012 à 13:39

Come on! :S
It's really a big problem! I can't play without it!
GNU_Raziel Lundi 28 Mai 2012 à 15:33


Steam Overlay is VERY buggy with wine, you were lucky to have it working before.
You better forget about it, play w/o overlay, it's annoying but we cannot do anoything until wine dev fix this issue.


RobyIndie Lundi 28 Mai 2012 à 15:52

But... it worked with the same configuration, the same game, the same wine version just another o.s.
But, damn, why!?
Overlay is useful in tf2 for trades. I have now a refined metal and cannot trade it :(
Can you analyze the log? What is missing? :'(
GNU_Raziel Lundi 28 Mai 2012 à 16:13

I personnaly never made it worked and very few people reported it working, most of steam games perfectly work without it. As you mentionned it's not the case for TF2 but we cannot do anything, it's a wine related bug, not PoL one.

All I can say to you is checking if Orverlay dll is disabled in the prefix using winecfg in case of PoL Vault disabled it.

Also try updating wine version for this game to check if latest wine unstable release have overlay fix, but I doubt it, it's a not a popular/urgent bug since most of games can work without it.
RobyIndie Lundi 28 Mai 2012 à 16:22

There is nothing in the library tab (I removed the entry) and I'm using 1.5.5 :(
Oh.. so sad :(